A welcome to the Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform from Secretary General Venetia Spencer

Driving a circular polyolefin system

Why polyolefins must become circular

Polyolefins are extremely valuable and versatile plastics. They are also vital materials if we want to decarbonise our society and have high quality, safe, eco-friendly lives. But we can't do that by simply throwing plastic away after we've used it. We must be responsible for the plastic that we produce ― and that means only making what we need, designing it for re-use in its first life, and then collecting, recycling and reusing it again and again...and again... for as many lives as possible.

Circular Polyolefins

How we are becoming circular

Our goal is to transform the entire polyolefin system from a linear to a circular one by bringing together organisations from every point in the polyolefin chain: brand owners, retailers, waste management organisations, recyclers, converters, producers and everyone else. Through dialogue and collaboration in working groups, PCEP is delivering innovative solutions to today’s barriers.

Our Voluntary Commitments

Who we are - what we do

PCEP is a collaborative organisation with three strategic goals for polyolefins: designing out waste; keeping maximum products and material in use for as long as possible; and then recycling into high-quality new raw material. 

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PCEP’s first AGM held online to elect new Board

Mark Vester, a founding PCEP board member and Global Leader, Circular Economy at SABIC, has been elected Chair of the PCEP Steering Board at the organisation’s first AGM this week, held online due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Ton van der Giessen, CEO of the recycling services firm Van Werven, was elected as Vice-Chair and Harald Biederbick, CEO of the plastic film manufacturer RKW, was elected as Treasurer. More here


HolyGrail project

The HolyGrail project, facilitated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation was officially concluded on 23 May. PCEP was honoured to attend the proof-of-concept trials for the digital watermarking project, ‘Digital Watermarks At Work’, hosted by Tomra near Koblenz on 17 May.   Read more here


Operation Clean Sweep

PCEP encourages all members and partners to join Operation Clean Sweep ® (OCS). OCS is an international programme designed to prevent the loss of plastic granules (pellets, flakes and powders) during handling by the various entities in the plastics value chain and their release into the environment. Please visit the website to find out about best practices and to make the pledge today! 

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