steering board

PCEP is governed by a Steering Board (senior executives from member companies), responsible for the overall policy and finance. Board members are nominated by their peers to represent their membership category and appointed by the General Assembly. 

The Board appoints the Secretary General who manages the PCEP work programme. 

The Steering Board members are:

David Baker


Industry Affairs Director, Berry Global

PCEP Steering Board Chairman

“I am convinced that the way to meet the challenges facing the polyolefin industry is through strong value chain cooperation. PCEP is a young and ambitious organization that is well placed to bring all the actors in the PO value chain together, address the issues in a mature and factual manner and really make a difference.”


Eugenio Sergio Longo


Head of Sustainability and EU Strategy, Borealis Group

PCEP Steering Board Vice Chairman

“Polyolefin is circular by nature and building circular models around them offers great innovative and business development opportunities in many value chains. Borealis, as a founding member, believes that PCEP is the ultimate association to develop those precompetitive conditions needed to accelerate our transition to a Circular Economy.” 


Jacques Breulet


Regulatory and External Affairs Manager, Ineos Services Belgium

PCEP Treasurer 

"I dedicated 35 years of my professional life mostly to polyolefin, contributing to the development of a number of applications which bring so many benefits to our society. The polyolefin industry, however, will not survive the challenges of resource efficiency and environmental protection more generally without a radical change. Circularity is an essential part of the answers to those challenges. It is a paradigm shift, and it clearly necessitates a complete value chain involvement. That is why I am proud to be a member of the PCEP Board, on behalf of the polyolefin producers."


Mark Vester


Regional Director PE Europe, 

Sabic Europe

“In 5-10 years’ time we could very well look back at this period of time as a turning point: as a value chain we have to act and manage the end-of-life of our products in order to preserve the tremendous value of polyolefins for society. PCEP is essential to achieve this.”


Volker Pfennig


Executive Board Member, 

Bischoff and Klein

“Polyolefin based products have positively changed our live in the past and, among other things, will make modern lives easier and better in the future. Under the master concept of sustainability the polyolefin industry wants to further increase its activities in circular economy. This will require coordinated joint effort along the polyolefin value chain. As board member of PCEP, I really enjoy making a contribution towards further development of circular economy in Europe.”


Michael Scriba


Attorney and Advisor to the Board of Directors, MTM Plastics 

“I chose to join the Board of PCEP because the challenges for Polyolefins require action by the complete value chain, speaking with one voice and implementing integral solutions. This is the aim of PCEP.”


Mike Baxter


External Affairs Director,



“The increasing focus on plastic packaging, and especially plastics recycling, in the press and with politicians has resulted in our industries coming under ever more demands for transparency and environmental governance. I believe that PCEP is a massive step forward in showing the industry leadership which is required to demonstrate stewardship by taking the lead in promoting and facilitating significant increases in the amount of plastic packaging recycled in Europe.

As the European plastic recycling industry representative on the PCEP Management Board I am confident that working in partnership with all other stakeholders, increases in plastic recycling tonnages will happen and the objectives of the European Commission sponsored Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) will be achieved”


Tanguy Kervyn


General Manager,


“Moving to a circular business model in a scalable way requires the full involvement and dedication of all actors in the whole value chain. As circular solutions are not necessarily the same across the various families of polymers, it became appropriate to create a value chain association fully dedicated to polyolefins. I am delighted to serve as PCEP Board member in our quest to resolve together with public authorities the current societal challenges. Beyond the great benefits during their use phase, plastics remain too valuable to be thrown away.”


Secretary general

Venetia Spencer


"Polyolefins are amazing highly versatile materials; the most widely used family of plastics, they are fully recyclable. What we need now is to make sure they are reused or recycled, and to create a market for that recycled material. PCEP’s members are committed to that goal. It is exciting to help drive the value chain forward on this journey towards circularity."


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