our values


PCEP is committed to transforming from a linear to a circular economy based on three principles: designing out waste; keeping products and materials in use; and recycling into high-quality new raw materials. This requires a systemic shift for the polyolefin industry that will build long-term resilience, generate new business and economic opportunities, and provide both environmental and societal benefits. 


We provide a forum for all organisations and stakeholders in the polyolefin value chain to exchange ideas, showcase projects and work together to maximise innovation and value, so advancing the circular economy. 


PCEP is committed to taking action, to match our aspirations. All of our work is based around seeking new solutions through cooperation. 


With polyolefins accounting for 50% of plastics consumed and 70% of the plastic packaging market in Europe today, PCEP is the embodiment of the industry’s collective commitment to take responsibility for our products and advance the circular economy.  


PCEP believes in full transparency and we make all our work and the findings resulting from it available to our members and to the public.  


Diversity has been proved to be a key to innovation and creativity. PCEP is dedicated to building a diverse organisation and collaborative environment, with a shared commitment to creative innovation that advances the circular economy.